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Welcome to MM-RNG-Luck, an independant WoT website for hipsters. Here you can:

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Obj. 268 4
Tier 10 USSR TD
Tank Profile
Tier 9 USA TD
Tank Profile
Tier 8 USA LT
Tank Profile
Cromwell B
Tier 6 UK MT
Tank Profile

Can we still make offerings to the Serb-Shrine? Sadly not for the time-being, luck has gone on holiday and has been out-sourced, your luck may vary.

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I'm AdrianK, the creator of this site. Luckliy for me I am better at making this than playing tanks.

You are welcome to contact me through the official WG player-to-player contact mechanisms on the official forums. My main account is on the Asia server:

I also have an account on the EU forum, but this is just for interacting with the WG developer partner program – any message you send me there *should* end-up in my email:

Please note that you will need to be logged-in to access these WG profile pages.

Alternatively, if you’re a member of Wot Labs community you can ping me via my profile there: